Building First Nation Owned and Managed Fibre Networks across Quebec

  • Tim Whiteduck First Nations Education Council, Quebec
  • Brian Beaton University of New Brunswick
Keywords: First Nation, Indigenous, Fibre Network Construction, First Mile


In Canada, small rural and remote communities continue to struggle to access equitable and affordable high speed internet connections that address local priorities and needs. The First Nations Education Council (FNEC) is working with their community partners across Quebec to plan and operate a First Nation owned and managed fibre network to deliver broadband connections throughout each community. Public and private partnerships were established by FNEC to fund and construct the regional and local networks connecting these rural and remote communities. The paper describes the history of this development along with its future goals. Sharing infrastructure and network support services with all the other service providers (health, education, administration, justice, policing, homes, etc.) in each of these communities helps to sustain the ongoing operation and maintenance of the network.

Author Biographies

Tim Whiteduck, First Nations Education Council, Quebec
Director of Technologies, First Nations Education Council
Brian Beaton, University of New Brunswick
Graduate Student, Faculty of Education
How to Cite
Whiteduck, T., & Beaton, B. (2014). Building First Nation Owned and Managed Fibre Networks across Quebec. The Journal of Community Informatics, 10(2). Retrieved from

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