Engaging Academia: Strengthening the Link Between Community and Technology

  • Douglas Schuler Evergreen State College
Keywords: civic intelligence, community-academic partnerships, community engagement, community participation


This paper explores ways in which academia could change to be more socially relevant in relation to communities ICT. It is intended to advance ideas and further discussion. Socially relevant means encouraging the creation of information and communication systems that support human development, social learning, collaborative problem-solving, self-governance — and civic intelligence generally. Because the build-out of these systems has such profound implications of surveillance and control that the early warning function is particularly critical.  This paper is primarily addressed to the academic community that focuses on the use of ICT in the social lives of "ordinary" citizens.

Author Biography

Douglas Schuler, Evergreen State College

Douglas Schuler is a professor, researcher, and practitioner of civic intelligence, at the Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, USA. douglas@publicsphereproject.org

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