“Happy, just talking, talking, talking”: Community strengthening through mobile phone based peer support among refugee women

Dennis Wollersheim, Lee Koh, Rae Walker, Pranee Liamputtong


Resettled refugees face lack of information and support, due to disrupted community and cultural mismatch. In this context, we provided 111 refugee women peer support training and a restricted-dial unlimited-call mobile phone in Melbourne, Australia. We gathered demographic, phone call, pre and post intervention questionnaires, and interview data.

The provided resources synergised with existing resources such as social capital and information demand, resulting in changes to resource allocation and social processes, such as economic resource reallocation, information sharing, personal agency, and social support. These changes impacted areas such as employment, education, transportation and domestic violence, leading to improved individual lives and community functioning.

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The Journal of Community Informatics. ISSN: 1712-4441