New Concept Regarding Management of Security Cameras

  • Yusaku Fujii
  • Naoya Ohta
  • Hiroshi Ueda
  • Yoichi Sugita
  • Koichi Maru
Keywords: Social Security, Homeland Security,


We propose a new concept regarding the management of security cameras in which those who own and manage images (owner) and those who have the right to view the images (viewer) are separated by means of the encryption of the images.  Using this concept, encrypted images are transferred from the owner to the viewer only when both the owner and the viewer consider it necessary, such as in the case of crimes; then the encrypted images are restored for viewing by the viewer.  By this method, the images can be viewed only when absolutely necessary.  This concept was proposed to prevent the risk of privacy violation, as well as to reduce the unnecessary psychological burden that third parties may be subjected to, with the aim of promoting the placement of security cameras throughout local communities.
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Fujii, Y., Ohta, N., Ueda, H., Sugita, Y., & Maru, K. (2009). New Concept Regarding Management of Security Cameras. The Journal of Community Informatics, 4(3). Retrieved from
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