eFez Local Good Governance Outcomes in a Developing World Context

  • Driss Kettani
  • Michael Gurstein
  • Asmae Elmahdi
Keywords: Governance, Good Governance, ICT, E-Government, State transformation, public administration, service delivery, outcomes, indicators, automation, systematic assessment method


This paper presents a research project working towards building a sustainable pilot E-Government system for the ancient city of Fez in the developing country of Morocco. Specifically, this article goes through the range of understandings related to concepts of governance, good governance, and e-government to identify ways to put in practice these notions and facilitate systematic assessment of outcomes and results of the project implementation. The article identifies indicators for enabling a project outcome assessment as a measurement of the project’s contribution to the improvement of good governance. Such a systematic assessment aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge and dissemination of lessons learned concerning the implications of e-Government implementation for good governance.
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Kettani, D., Gurstein, M., & Elmahdi, A. (2008). eFez Local Good Governance Outcomes in a Developing World Context. The Journal of Community Informatics, 4(2). Retrieved from http://www.ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/article/view/448