Appropriation of ICTs by informal communities in metropolitan cities. The case of the “La Salada” market in the Latin American context

Ester Schiavo, Sergio Rodríguez, Paula Vera


Informality is a characteristic feature of Latin American metropolises. In this context it is fitting to ponder the ways in which ICTs are appropriated and developed by informal communities. For this, the case of La Salada is proposed, the largest informal market in the region. Some of the questions that guide the analysis are as follows: Do these communities use and develop functional technologies for their own ends? Are they involved in processes of co-creation of technologies or technological innovation? Do they use social networks for specific ends? What are the effects of ICT integration, and do these strengthen community identity? Do they contribute in any way to formalising activities?

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The Journal of Community Informatics. ISSN: 1712-4441