Health Impact Assessment of a UK Digital Health Service

  • Sue Heather Wright West Midlands Public Health Observatory
  • Irfan Ghani University of Birmingham
  • John Kemm
  • Jayne Parry University of Birmingham
Keywords: Health Impact Assessment, Health Inequalities, Digital Health Services, Internet Access, Health information


A new online digital health service (DHS) was developed for the West Midlands, UK, and provides information on health, health care services and on professional development opportunities. This study is a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the DHS to assess potential impacts on health and health inequalities and make recommendations to decision makers to enhance positive health impacts, reduce negative impacts and consider mitigation. There was no evidence from the HIA to indicate that the DHS in its current form would have any potential impact on the health and wellbeing of people in the West Midlands and on health inequalities.

Author Biographies

Sue Heather Wright, West Midlands Public Health Observatory

HIA Gateway Content Manager

NHS Organisation

Irfan Ghani, University of Birmingham

Public Health Specialty Registrar

John Kemm
Private consultant in public health
Jayne Parry, University of Birmingham
Head of the School of Health and Population Sciences
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Wright, S., Ghani, I., Kemm, J., & Parry, J. (2012). Health Impact Assessment of a UK Digital Health Service. The Journal of Community Informatics, 9(2). Retrieved from