A Case Study: Growing Community Partnerships with a Service-Learning Intergenerational Computing Course

Jean F Coppola, Sharon Stahl Wexler, Lin J. Drury, Janna C. Heyman, Barbara A. Thomas, Brian J. Tschinkel, Cheryl D. Barnes


This article presents an interdisciplinary and intergenerational technology research project. Uniquely trained undergraduates enrolled in an Intergenerational Computing service-learning class instruct older adults in geriatric facilities. Geriatric facilities have few staff to work with older adults for technology activities. This model is based on mutually beneficial partnerships.  Information on best practices, research instruments, classroom exercises, and lessons learned is presented for replication into the reader’s agency and discipline. A statistically significant change in students’ attitude and advocacy toward older adults was found, as well as a more positive perspective and awareness of careers in the field of aging.

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The Journal of Community Informatics. ISSN: 1712-4441