The Ecology of Community Networking

  • Richard Lowenberg 1st-Mile Institute
Keywords: Community Economic Development, Civic Participation, Networked Ecology


"Last mile" is a supply-side driven term used by telecommunications providers to refer to the local loop; the last to be economically viable.   In globally networked societies, localities have opportunities to grow new economies.   Local must be considered the "First Mile".

"First Mile" is based on demand-side understandings.   It describes a local orientation for telecommunications infrastructure and services, focused on the difference to be made in the quality of peoples’ lives.   "First Mile" is a realization of the emerging ‘hyperarchical’ nature of networked economies, local-global relationships, innovation and social change; with intention that the Information Revolution be a "people’s revolution".

Author Biography

Richard Lowenberg, 1st-Mile Institute

Richard Lowenberg: inter-media artist, tele-community planner, eco-systems designer.   Founding Director, 1st-Mile Institute, Santa Fe, NM. Began using the term “First Mile” in early 1990s.


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