From the First Mile to Outer Space: Tamaani Satellite Internet in Northern Quebec

  • Rob McMahon Simon Fraser University
  • Thomassie Mangiok Pirnoma Technologies Inc.
Keywords: First Mile, Aboriginal broadband, Inuit broadband, indigenous broadband, broadband infrastructure, Nunavik, Kativik Regional Government, rural and remote access


Across Canada, discrepancies of access to broadband exist between urban centres and rural and remote Aboriginal communities. Government, public and private sector organizations are partnering to address these digital divides. Some employ a ‘First Mile’ approach that foregrounds how community-based institutions are driving development. This article provides a First Mile case study from the Inuit territory of Nunavik. We describe the cultural, social and political contexts the people of Nunavik and their government navigated to establish broadband in the region’s 14 northern villages. The Kativik Regional Government is building and administering infrastructure that delivers public services and encourages economic development, balancing centralized efficiencies with the needs of residents in villages like Ivujivik.

Author Biography

Rob McMahon, Simon Fraser University
Postdoctoral Fellow, First Nations Innovation Project, Department of Sociology, University of New Brunswick
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McMahon, R., & Mangiok, T. (2013). From the First Mile to Outer Space: Tamaani Satellite Internet in Northern Quebec. The Journal of Community Informatics, 10(2). Retrieved from