Vol 7, No 3 (2011)

Special Issue: Research in Action: Linking Communities and Universities

Table of Contents


Evolving Relationships: Universities, Researchers and Communities HTML
Michael Gurstein


Introduction to the Special Issue: Research in Action for Community Informatics: A Matter for Conversation HTML
Matthew Allen, Marcus Foth
Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities: Imagining The Michigan State University Israelite Samaritan Collection as the Foundation for a Thriving Social Network HTML
Jim Ridolfo, William Hart-Davidson, Michael McLeod
Visions, Participation and Engagement in New Community Information Infrastructures HTML
John M Carroll, Michael A. Horning, Blaine Hoffman, Craig H Ganoe, Harold R. Robinson, Mary Beth Rosson
Research informing practice: Toward effective engagement in community ICT in New Zealand HTML
Barbara Craig, Jocelyn E. Williams
Community-based learning: A model for higher education and community partnerships HTML
Peter Day
DigiPopEd: Popular Education and Digital Culture HTML
Dan O'Reilly-Rowe
Conducting ICT Research in Community Networks: Reflections from a Long Term Study of the European Social Forum HTML
Saqib Saeed, Markus Rohde, Volker Wulf
Towards Participatory Action Design Research: Adapting Action Research and Design Science Research Methods for Urban Informatics HTML
Mark Bilandzic, John Venable
Participant-Making: bridging the gulf between community knowledge and academic research HTML
Ann Light, Paul Egglestone, Tom Wakeford, Jon Rogers

Notes from the field

Networking for Communications Challenged Communities: Report from a European project targeting conditions of poor or lacking ICT coverage HTML
Maria Kristina Uden
مبلمان اداریصندلی مدیریتیصندلی اداریمیز اداریوبلاگدهیگن لاغریشکم بند لاغریتبلیغات کلیکیآموزش زبان انگلیسیپاراگلایدرساخت وبلاگخرید بلیط هواپیماپروتز سینهپروتز باسنپروتز لبمیز تلویزیون

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