Vol 10, No 2 (2014)

Special Issue: Building the First Mile

Table of Contents


The First Mile of Broadband Connectivity in Communities: Introduction to the Special Issue HTML
Rob McMahon, Duncan Philpot, Susan O'Donnell, Brian Beaton, Tim Whiteduck, Kevin Burton, Michael Gurstein
The Multistakeholder Model, Neo-liberalism and Global (Internet) Governance HTML
Michael Gurstein

Points of View

The Ecology of Community Networking HTML
Richard Lowenberg


The First Mile Approach to Community Services in Fort Severn First Nation HTML
Matthew Kakekaspan, Susan O'Donnell, Brian Beaton, Brian Walmark, Kerri Gibson
Bridging the Divide: Understanding and Implementing Access to the Internet as a Human Right HTML
Michael Karanicolas
Understanding Broadband Infrastructure Development in Remote and Rural Communities – a Staged and Reflexive Approach HTML
Ingjerd Skogseid, Ivar Petter Grøtte, Geir Liavåg Strand
First Mile Challenges to Last Mile Rhetoric: Exploring the Discourse between Remote and Rural First Nations and the Telecom Industry HTML
Duncan Philpot, Brian Beaton, Tim Whiteduck
ICT for sustainable development: an example from Cambodia HTML
Helena Grunfeld
From the First Mile to Outer Space: Tamaani Satellite Internet in Northern Quebec HTML
Rob McMahon, Thomassie Mangiok
Opportunities and Challenges for First-mile Development in Rural Hawaiian Communities HTML
Jenifer Sunrise Winter, Wayne Buente, Patricia Amaral Buskirk
Developing an e-Community Approach to Community Services in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation HTML
Gilbert Whiteduck, Anita Tenasco, Susan O'Donnell, Tim Whiteduck, Emily Lockhart
Local Communities and Home Rule: Extending the Alberta SuperNet to Unserved Areas HTML
Nadine I Kozak
The Cancellation of the Community Access Program and the Digital Divide(s) in Canada: Lessons Learned and Future Prospects HTML
Chris Blanton
An African Rural Internet Network, and its interactions with Academics HTML
Gertjan van Stam, Darelle van Greunen

Notes from the field

Building Broadband Infrastructure from the Grassroots: the Case of Home LANs in Belarus HTML
Aljona Zorina, William H. Dutton
GoFred: Municipally-Owned ICT Utilities in Fredericton, New Brunswick HTML
Mike Richard, Duncan Philpot
Rural Communications – What is a Rural Municipality’s Role? HTML
Allan Bly
Building First Nation Owned and Managed Fibre Networks across Quebec HTML
Tim Whiteduck, Brian Beaton
Settler Colonialism and First Nations e-Communities in Northwestern Ontario HTML
Brian Beaton, Peter Campbell
Information and Communication Technology for Education in an Algonquin First Nation in Quebec HTML
Emily Lockhart, Anita Tenasco, Tim Whiteduck, Susan O'Donnell
The First Mile Connectivity Consortium and Digital Regulation in Canada HTML
Rob McMahon, Heather Hudson, Lyle Fabian
مبلمان اداریصندلی مدیریتیصندلی اداریمیز اداریوبلاگدهیگن لاغریشکم بند لاغریتبلیغات کلیکیآموزش زبان انگلیسیپاراگلایدرساخت وبلاگخرید بلیط هواپیماپروتز سینهپروتز باسنپروتز لبمیز تلویزیون

The Journal of Community Informatics. ISSN: 1712-4441