Vol 11, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Why I’m Giving Up on the Digital Divide HTML
Michael Gurstein


Managing Knowledge During Partnerships: A Case of Intermediaries in Agricultural Innovation System. HTML
Benjamin Kwasi Addom
Modeling Social Inclusion Systems HTML
Fabio Nauras Akhras
Community meeting the Namibian Education Technology Policy with OLPC's XO laptops: is it a viable approach? HTML
Perien J. Boer
Analysing Urban Community Informatics from a Resilience Perspective HTML
Richard Heeks, Angelica V. Ospina
Users and Uses of Internet Access Points in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Community Information Centers (CICs) HTML
Mohammad Delwar Hossain
The Nature of Hybrid Community: An Exploratory Study of Open Source Software User Groups HTML
Leigh Jin, Daniel Robey, Marie-Claude Boudreau
Information Kiosk Based Indian E-Governance Service Delivery: Value Chain Based Measurement Modelling HTML
Harekrishna Misra
Assessment of Mobile Voice Agricultural Messages Given to Farmers of Cauvery Delta Zone of Tamil Nadu, India HTML
Ganesan Muthiah
Influences and Experiences of Using Digital Devices in Laterlife HTML
Helen Russell, Kirsty Young
Impacts of Mobile Phone Use on Poverty Reduction for Non-Commercial Farmers in Rural North Ghana
Matthew David Smith, Jo Hanisch
Do ICTs Help To Maintain Social Capital In The Disaster Recovery Phase? A Case Study Of The L'aquila Earthquake HTML
Serena Tagliacozzo, Caterina Arcidiacono


Book Review - Favela Digital: The Other Side of Technology HTML
Ammar Halabi
Book Review: Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age HTML
David Nemer

Case Studies

Constructing Sustainable Digital Learning Environments for Remote Rural Children of Sarawak HTML
Norazila Abd Aziz, Mohamad Fitri S, Rethinasamy Soubakeavathi


From Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion and Beyond HTML
David Nemer

Points of View

Digital order and political disorder: thoughts about opposite effects of digital media on emerging societies HTML
Eduardo Villanueva-Mansilla
مبلمان اداریصندلی مدیریتیصندلی اداریمیز اداریوبلاگدهیگن لاغریشکم بند لاغریتبلیغات کلیکیآموزش زبان انگلیسیپاراگلایدرساخت وبلاگخرید بلیط هواپیماپروتز سینهپروتز باسنپروتز لبمیز تلویزیون

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