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September 26, 2017

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Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Vannini, Nemer, Halabi, Sabiescu, David CumbulaCritical Incidents Analysis: mismatching expectations and reconciling visions in intercultural encounters44469
de MoorCommunitySensor: towards a participatory community network mapping methodology1045302
Botto, TeliPIE News. A public design project toward commonfare9644
Mabila, Van Biljon, HerselmanA sustainability framework for mobile technology integration in schools: The case of resource-constrained environments in South Africa7948
Rhinesmith, Nemer, UrbanoIntroduction: Special Issue CIRN Prato Conference 20165844
MahoneyContested histories, participatory movements and the making of memories in Bangladesh12
GuhathakurtaContested histories, participatory movements and the making of memories in Bangladesh8533
Villanueva-MansillaPlatform communities: a new frontier for Community Informatics?41742
Issue Totals2236582

Vol 13, No 1 (2017)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Cumbula, Sabiescu, CantoniCommunity design: a collaborative approach for social integration712322
Rose, Racadio, Martin, Girard, KolkoExpert yet vulnerable: Understanding the needs of transit dependent riders to inform policy and design875399
Wollersheim, Koh, Walker, Liamputtong“Happy, just talking, talking, talking”: Community strengthening through mobile phone based peer support among refugee women472328
Jayakar, GrzesloLocal Economic Impacts of Investments in Community Technology Centers: An Empirical Investigation475303
TeetersDeveloping Social Alongside Technical Infrastructure: A Case Study Applying ICTD Tenets to Marginalized Communities in the United States454308
Zelenkauskaite, GonzalesNon-Standard Typography Use Over Time: Signs of a Lack of Literacy or Symbolic Capital?645331
Johnson, SieberThe Geoweb for community-based organizations: Tool development, implementation, and sustainability in an era of Google Maps642399
Lorini, Sabiescu, MemarovicCollective Digital Storytelling in Community-based co-design projects. An Emergent Approach709520
Naude, van BiljonScholarly Impact: a Bibliometric and Altmetric study of the Journal of Community Informatics591627
Villanueva-MansillaAgency and technology739294
Thinyane, SiebörgerMobiSAM: Reflections from a four year case study using technology to increase public participation in local government in South Africa279190
Issue Totals65934021

Vol 12, No 3 (2016)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Blignaut, Venter, RenaudGranny gets smarter but Junior hardly notices826470
Prado, Tirado-Alcaraz, CâmaraPerceptions of ICT use in rural Brazil: Factors that impact appropriation among marginalized communities1108559
Zubiaga, Mac NameeGraphical Perception of Value Distributions: An Evaluation of Non-Expert Viewers' Data Literacy980599
Bhargava, Kadouaki, Bhargava, Castro, D'IgnazioData Murals: Using the Arts to Build Data Literacy1438740
Liew, ChowdhuryDigital Cultural Heritage and Social Sustainability853583
Wolff, Gooch, Cavero Montaner, Rashid, KortuemCreating an Understanding of Data Literacy for a Data-driven Society1198848
Wolff, Cavero Montaner, KortuemUrban Data in the primary classroom: bringing data literacy to the UK curriculum1020614
CrusoeData Literacy defined pro populo: To read this article, please provide a little information1516750
D'Ignazio, BhargavaDataBasic: Design Principles, Tools and Activities for Data Literacy Learners22801153
Tygel, KirschContributions of Paulo Freire for a Critical Data Literacy: a Popular Education Approach1034803
Kayser-BrilDon't ask too much from data literacy994486
Argast, ZvyagintsevaData Literacy projects in Canada: Field notes from the Open Data Institute, Toronto node10471467
Wolske, RhinesmithCritical Questions for Community Informatics in Practice1622652
Frank, Walker, Attard, TygelData Literacy - What is it and how can we make it happen?1209915
MatthewsData literacy conceptions, community capabilities1034770
Frank, WalkerSome Key Challenges for Data Literacy743610
Villanueva-MansillaEditorial: Cosmopolitanism versus Traditionalism and the need to talk about a different divide865516
Issue Totals1976712535

Vol 12, No 2 (2016)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Jalil, JalilUnderstanding Information need and media habit of poor farmers in Bangladesh898747
Van Schalkwyk, Canares, Chattapdhyay, AndrasonOpen Data Intermediaries in Developing Countries1256859
Redhead, BreretonA Suburban Communications Network: Recurrence of Use, Growth of Participation, and the Challenges of Sustainability894797
Frank, WalkerUser Centred Methods for Measuring the Value of Open Data1590925
Larquemin, Mukhopadhyay, ButeauOpen Data and Evidence-based Socio-economic Policy Research in India: An overview976834
Canares, Marcial, NarcaEnhancing Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data1096896
Canares, ShekharOpen Data and Subnational Governments: Lessons from Developing Countries1297882
McLeod, McNaughtonMapping an emergent Open Data eco-system1427864
Davies, PeriniResearching the emerging impacts of open data: revisiting the ODDC conceptual framework27811702
FinkTo the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World by Vincent Mosco969906
Yim, Gomez, CarterFacebook’s “Free Basics”: For or against community development?14601013
RobertsGeek Heresy: a heretical view of technology for development889920
Sharif, Van SchalkwykIntroduction586461
Issue Totals1611911806

Vol 12, No 1 (2016)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
SzécsiMediated communication and mediated communities in the information age914747
Bailey, NgwenyamaCommunity Mediation through ICTs: Seeking to Bridge Digital and Community Divides1141917
Rai, Griffiths'Useful' civic hacking for environmental sustainability:knowledge transfer and the International Space Apps Challenge1410767
OjedokunICT and Online Social Movements for Good Governance in Nigeria1140905
Tredoux, Louw, Louw-PotgieterMobile phones and reading for enjoyment: evidence of use and behaviour change1223815
McDonaldENCITE: A model to help Voluntary Organisations use ICT effectively934729
Harley, Howland, HarrisTrajectories to community engagement: Understanding older people’s experiences of engagement with online and local communities1575873
Uys, PatherGovernment Public Access Centres (PACs): A beacon of hope for marginalised communities1181815
Fujii, Yoshiura, Ohta, Takita, Ueda, MaruAbuse Prevention of Street Camera Network by Browsing-History Disclosure1253723
GrahamCooperating community connections: A changing political reality972699
Gurstein, Ph.D.Repurposing Post Offices as Community Innovation Hubs: Digital Inclusion, Equity and De-concentration923688
Villanueva-MansillaEditorial: a legacy to cherish587628
Issue Totals132539306

Vol 11, No 3 (2015)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
WillsReflective evaluation of civil society development: A case study of RLabs Cape Town, South Africa15051936
Halabi, Sabiescu, David, Vannini, NemerFrom Exploration to Design: Aligning Intentionality in Community Informatics Projects20491831
van Biljon, Traxler, van der Merwe, Van HeerdenCurriculum development for mobile digital literacy skills acquisition using a Design Science Approach16951713
Twinomurinzi, JohnsonMeta-Synthesizing Qualitative Research in Information Systems16331813
SmithFocus Groups as a Tool to Collect Data in a Community Informatics Project Involving Elderly Rural Women18471803
Meyer, MaraisDesign for Sustainability: Countering the Drivers of Unsustainability in Development Projects16981754
Newman, Lupiáñez-VillanuevaA Framework to Research the Social Determinants of ICTs for E-Health17273263
McMahon, Chasle, WhiteduckFirst Mile Methodologies in Community Informatics Research: Learning from First Nations16362378
Tygel, Campos, de AlvearTeaching Open Data for Social Movements: a Research Strategy18143306
Alexander, Gelderblom, De KockContributions from Visitor Research to CI and ICT4D Theory and Research Methodology15011557
ByrumWhat are Community Wireless Networks For?18851828
GursteinA Canadian Election Programme for Digital Citizenship and Social Equity13181110
Bytheway, Rhinesmith, WolfeIntroduction: Research Methods for Community Informatics10541476
Issue Totals2136225768

Vol 11, No 2 (2015)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BødkerUsing IT to ‘do good’ in communities?17341547
de MoorCommunities in Context: Taking Control of Their Tools in Common(s)19861859
Carroll, Shih, KropczynskiCommunity informatics as innovation in sociotechnical infrastructures25212441
Cabitza, Simone, CornettaSensitizing concepts for the next community-oriented technologies: shifting focus from social networking to convivial artifacts20432198
De CindioCommunity&Technologies, Community Informatics: Tensions and Challenges21702410
Weibert, Aal, von Rekowski, Wulf"Hey, can we make that, please?": Upon Craft as a Means for Cross-cultural Community-Building17111673
Rey-Moreno, Sabiescu, Siya, TuckerLocal Ownership, Exercise of Ownership and Moving from Passive to Active Entitlement: A practice-led inquiry on a rural community network18481736
Parra, Nemer, Hakken, D'AndreaDeep Trust in the future of Community Informatics29551681
WilliamsonEmbedding Digital Advantage: A Five-Stage Maturity Model for Digital Communities19101906
SchulerEngaging Academia: Strengthening the Link Between Community and Technology17721358
Carroll, ObeysekareCI 101: Community Informatics as General Education18091453
Gurstein, WulfCommunity & Technologies – Challenges and Opportunities for Future Research979659
Issue Totals2343820921

Vol 11, No 1 (2015)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Smith, HanischImpacts of Mobile Phone Use on Poverty Reduction for Non-Commercial Farmers in Rural North Ghana1768
Villanueva-MansillaDigital order and political disorder: thoughts about opposite effects of digital media on emerging societies14941426
AddomManaging Knowledge During Partnerships: A Case of Intermediaries in Agricultural Innovation System.16919678
Abd Aziz, Fitri S, SoubakeavathiConstructing Sustainable Digital Learning Environments for Remote Rural Children of Sarawak54131389
MisraInformation Kiosk Based Indian E-Governance Service Delivery: Value Chain Based Measurement Modelling18552125
AkhrasModeling Social Inclusion Systems16531084
Jin, Robey, BoudreauThe Nature of Hybrid Community: An Exploratory Study of Open Source Software User Groups17492013
Russell, YoungInfluences and Experiences of Using Digital Devices in Laterlife14401542
NemerFrom Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion and Beyond29433576
HossainUsers and Uses of Internet Access Points in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Community Information Centers (CICs)21982237
MuthiahAssessment of Mobile Voice Agricultural Messages Given to Farmers of Cauvery Delta Zone of Tamil Nadu, India18232650
Tagliacozzo, ArcidiaconoDo ICTs Help To Maintain Social Capital In The Disaster Recovery Phase? A Case Study Of The L'aquila Earthquake15972595
Heeks, OspinaAnalysing Urban Community Informatics from a Resilience Perspective26103577
NemerBook Review: Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age15471202
HalabiBook Review - Favela Digital: The Other Side of Technology19211290
BoerCommunity meeting the Namibian Education Technology Policy with OLPC's XO laptops: is it a viable approach?17831832
GursteinWhy I’m Giving Up on the Digital Divide12341448
Issue Totals3471939664

Vol 10, No 3 (2014)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Memarovic, Fels, Anacleto, Calderon, Gobbo, CarrollRethinking Third Places: Contemporary Design With Technology29225662
Balassiano, SeegerEmpowering Newcomers with Low-Tech Workshops and High-Tech Analyses19222792
Iaconesi, PersicoUrban Acupuncture in the era on Ubiquitous Media24042831
BugsICTs Encouraging Changes in the Citizen's Relationship with Government and Urban Space: Brazilian Examples21392047
Schmidt-Thome, Wallin, Laatikainen, Kangasoja, KyttäExploring the use of PPGIS in self-organizing urban development: Case softGIS in Pacific Beach22905159
Reinwald, Berger, Stoik, Platzer, DamyanovicAugmented Reality at the Service of Participatory Urban Planning and Community Informatics – a case study from Vienna23693759
DhakalICT-Mediated Adaptive Capacity of Environmental Third Sector in Australia18611604
Stokes, Bar, Baumann, CaldwellNeighborhood Planning of Technology: Physical Meets Digital City from the Bottom-Up with Aging Payphones37255842
Antoniadis, ApostolThe Right(s) to the Hybrid City and the Role of DIY Networking50063850
ChorianopoulosCommunity-based Pedestrian Mapmaking19243299
BaibaracThe ‘Urban Spacebook’ experimental process: Co-designing a Platform for Participation22252907
Horelli, SadowayCommunity Informatics in Cities: New Catalysts for Urban Change21812650
Staffans, HorelliExpanded Urban Planning as a Vehicle for Understanding and Shaping Smart, Liveable Cities28724509
GursteinSmart Cities vs. Smart Communities: Empowering Citizens not Market Economics24452962
Sadoway, Shekhar(Re)Prioritizing Citizens in Smart Cities Governance: Examples of Smart Citizenship from Urban India54879562
Issue Totals4177259435

Vol 10, No 2 (2014)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
GrunfeldICT for sustainable development: an example from Cambodia24384171
Zorina, DuttonBuilding Broadband Infrastructure from the Grassroots: the Case of Home LANs in Belarus24771702
van Stam, van GreunenAn African Rural Internet Network, and its interactions with Academics26405277
LowenbergThe Ecology of Community Networking20651801
KaranicolasBridging the Divide: Understanding and Implementing Access to the Internet as a Human Right28843643
Philpot, Beaton, WhiteduckFirst Mile Challenges to Last Mile Rhetoric: Exploring the Discourse between Remote and Rural First Nations and the Telecom Industry29855129
Richard, PhilpotGoFred: Municipally-Owned ICT Utilities in Fredericton, New Brunswick18047639
McMahon, MangiokFrom the First Mile to Outer Space: Tamaani Satellite Internet in Northern Quebec33633284
Winter, Buente, BuskirkOpportunities and Challenges for First-mile Development in Rural Hawaiian Communities26394791
Whiteduck, Tenasco, O'Donnell, Whiteduck, LockhartDeveloping an e-Community Approach to Community Services in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation20892558
Kakekaspan, O'Donnell, Beaton, Walmark, GibsonThe First Mile Approach to Community Services in Fort Severn First Nation51772751
KozakLocal Communities and Home Rule: Extending the Alberta SuperNet to Unserved Areas26713220
BlantonThe Cancellation of the Community Access Program and the Digital Divide(s) in Canada: Lessons Learned and Future Prospects23173163
BlyRural Communications – What is a Rural Municipality’s Role?21281773
Skogseid, Grøtte, StrandUnderstanding Broadband Infrastructure Development in Remote and Rural Communities – a Staged and Reflexive Approach35143870
Beaton, CampbellSettler Colonialism and First Nations e-Communities in Northwestern Ontario25303191
Lockhart, Tenasco, Whiteduck, O'DonnellInformation and Communication Technology for Education in an Algonquin First Nation in Quebec20362644
McMahon, Hudson, FabianThe First Mile Connectivity Consortium and Digital Regulation in Canada19432387
Whiteduck, BeatonBuilding First Nation Owned and Managed Fibre Networks across Quebec43622311
McMahon, Philpot, O'Donnell, Beaton, Whiteduck, Burton, GursteinThe First Mile of Broadband Connectivity in Communities: Introduction to the Special Issue24952306
GursteinThe Multistakeholder Model, Neo-liberalism and Global (Internet) Governance23302110
Issue Totals5688769721

Vol 10, No 1 (2014)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
WilliamsChanging youths role in development through ICT enterprise and investment16751380
Gray-McKay, Gibson, O'Donnell, MishkeegogamangAn Inquiry into Community Members’ Use and Attitudes toward Technology in Mishkeegogamang Tepacimowin Networks25974978
Wijaya, PolinaInternet Access At Public Access Venues In A Developing Countries: Lessons from Yogyakarta, Indonesia23741326
KoniecznyFrom Pebble to Avalanche: How Information and Communications Technologies Empowered Underprivileged Actors Through Ages27716008
StoneImplementing State-Level Technological Literacy Policy in Rural Pennsylvania17583677
Wickramasinghe, AhmadHow Does Internet Usage Influence On Social Capital, Connectedness, Success And Well-Being Of Grassroots Level Inventors In Sri Lanka?23403071
Jiang, CarrollShared identity and personal tie in influencing cooperative behavior22524272
Bogner, Tharp, McManusBridging the Digital Divide in Dunn County, Wisconsin: A Case Study of NPO use of ICT23474789
BernhardLocal e-Government in Sweden - Municipal Contact Center implementation with focus on Citizens and Public Administrators26205447
EreteCommunity, Group and Individual: A Framework for Designing Community Technologies21923366
Mohd Yusof, HashimExploring the Formation of Social Capital in a Malaysia Virtual Community20973778
MoraEmergent digital activism: The generational/technological connection35399689
Tacchi, Kitner, MulenahalliDrive-by Wi-Fi and digital storytelling: development and co-creation49894870
Jones, Smithson, HennessyFailures and success in using webcasts, discussion forums, Twitter, and email to engage older people and other stakeholders in rural ageing28594290
SieferEngaging Stakeholders: The First Step to Increasing Digital Inclusion Abstract30392170
GursteinBeyond Access: Libraries are the New Telecentres16782006
WolskeResearch Methods: Information, systems and contexts22341946
Issue Totals4336167063

Vol 9, No 4 (2013)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Johnston, BacishogaImpact of Mobile Phones on Integration: Case of Refugees in South Africa24214292
Mlitwa, KorantengIntegration of ICT onto Curricula in the Western Cape Schools: The Activity Theory Perspective34275741
MooketsiOptimisation of Livestock Identification and Trace-back System LITS Database to meet Local Needs: Case Study of Botswana27136921
van Biljon, Renaud, van DykReporting on Accessibility Challenges Experienced by South Africa’s Older Mobile Phone Users20054508
Steyn, Rampa, MaraisParticipatory development of ICT entrepreneurship in an informal settlement in South Africa23595712
Attwood, Diga, Braathen, MayTelecentre functionality in South Africa: Re-enabling the community ICT access environment23504760
BythewayQualitative Research without money: Experiences with a home-grown Qualitative Content Analysis tool22549181
Turpin, Alexander, PhahlamohlakaAssessing the contribution of information technology to socio-economic development: A case study from rural South Africa25393076
Bagui, BythewayExploring eParticipation in the city of Cape Town663310394
Van Belle, CupidoIncreasing Public Participation in Local Government by Means of Mobile Phones: What do South African Youth Think?286812753
Musiyandaka, Ranga, KiwaAn analysis of factors influencing success of ICT4D projects: a case study of the Schools Computerisation Programme in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe.47886598
Pather, PhahlamohlakaSouthern Africa Special Edition: Editorial18461285
.An Internet for the Common Good: Engagement, Empowerment, and Justice for All: A Community Informatics Declaration46371979
GursteinCommunity-Driven Projects: Reflections on a Success Story A Case Study of Science Education and Information Technology in South Africa19381628
Issue Totals4277878828

Vol 9, No 3 (2013)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Loureiro-Koechlin, ButcherThe Emergence of Converging Communities via Twitter39408152
NascimbeniCollaborative Knowledge Creation in Development Networks: Lessons Learned from a Transnational Programme27362652
Heaton, Millerand, ProulxFacilitating community innovation: The Outils-Réseaux Way48656717
Lev-OnCommunities, Crowds and Focal Sites: Fine-Tuning the Theoretical Grounding of Collaboration Online34405102
Schiavo, Rodríguez, VeraAppropriation of ICTs by informal communities in metropolitan cities. The case of the “La Salada” market in the Latin American context46746984
GómezThe ecology of linking technologies: toward a non-instrumental look at new technological repertoires51103024
FinquelievichThe Emergence and Development of a Regional Living Lab: The Case of San Luis, Argentina27857046
Kommonen, BoteroAre the Users Driving, and How Open is Open? Experiences from Living Lab and User Driven Innovation projects36424269
Parker, Wills, WillsRLabs: A South African Perspective on a Community-driven Approach to Community Information33194119
SalgadoMuseums as Living Labs Challenge, Fad or Opportunity?31853725
Finquelievich, SalgadoIntroduction30121468
Saad SulonenDigital Habitats – stewarding technology for communities27602451
GursteinCommunity Innovation and Community Informatics38032428
Issue Totals4727158137

Vol 9, No 2 (2013)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Davis, Bean, McBrideDecreasing Health Disparities through Technology: Building a Community Health Website31483470
Adelson, OldingNarrating Aboriginality On-Line: Digital Storytelling, Identity and Healing506510026
Braa, ManyaDeveloping decentralised health information systems in developing countries1661
Ahmed, PulmanConcussion Information on the Move: The Role of Mobile Technology in Concussion Management32515080
Banerjee, BasuImpact of Internet on delivery of critical cardiac health care: A case study from India28973499
Nansen, Chakraborty, Gibbs, MacDougall, Vetere‘MYBus’: Young People's Mobile Health, Wellbeing and Digital Inclusion56135211
BuckinghamCapturing Qualitative Spatial Data to Understand Social Epidemiology in Public Health35284306
Loring, Friel, Matheson, Kitau, Ake, Kitur, Rosewell, Randall, PosanaiImproving community health equity: the potential role for mHealth in Papua New Guinea34464685
Hicks, Grimson, SmithWith a little help from my friends: experiences of building a virtual community for children with cancer39305405
Wright, Ghani, Kemm, ParryHealth Impact Assessment of a UK Digital Health Service39815972
Shozi, Pottas, Mostert-PhippsPerceived Benefits Of Remote Data Capturing In Community Home-Based Care: The Caregivers’ Perspective28973467
de la Harpe, Lotriet, Pottas, KorpelaSocio-technical approach to community health: designing and developing a mobile care data application for home-based healthcare, in South Africa36077021
Kossi, Sæbø, Braa, Jalloh, ManyaDeveloping decentralised health information systems in developing countries –cases from Sierra Leone and Kenya40745048
Bean, Davis, ValdezBridging the Digital Divide: A Bilingual Interactive Health Kiosk for Communities Affected by Health Disparities32693534
Chigona, Nyemba, MetfulaA review on mHealth research in developing countries583311171
Newman, AlsanousiOverview of ICTs and Health28082053
PringleW(h)ither Community: Locating participatory approaches to ICT-enabled health and development29331868
GursteinEditorial: Community Informatics for Improving Health27421370
Issue Totals6468383186

Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
HitchnerDoing High-tech Collaborative Research in the Middle of Borneo:27224296
Ibrahim, AininCommunity Technology Project in Malaysia: Kedai.Kom24943072
Prado, JanbekTelecenter Web Portals in Latin American and Arab Nations: A Comparative Analysis26254778
Arifoglu, Afacan, ErAn Analysis of Public Internet Access Points (PIAPs)27393068
Arnold, StillmanPower, Communities, and Community Informatics: a meta-study26573141
Yusop, Ibrahim, Mohd Yusof, Mat Aji, Md. Dahalin, Ghazali, Saad, Abu Seman, Yasin, Kasiran, Abd. RazakInformation Needs of Rural Communities34513509
Mirani, MiraniPerception of Farmers and Extension and Research Personnel Regarding Use and Effectiveness of Sources of Agricultural Information in Sindh Province of Pakistan24484906
Xiao, FarooqSupporting End User Development in Community Computing: Requirements, Opportunities, and Challenges27876908
Hu, Johnston, HemphillFostering cooperative community behavior with IT tools: the influence of a designed deliberative space on efforts to address collective challenges32785422
Jeffres, Jian, Neuendorf, BrackenStimulating Citizens to Community Action in Urban Areas: Media, Interpersonal Networks and Organizations32293706
Wolske, Gibbs, Kehoe, Jones, IrishOutcome of Applying Evidence-Based Design to Public Computing Centers: A Preliminary Study32508082
GhobadiApplication of Activity Theory in Understanding Online Communities of Practice: A Case of Feminism25382901
van StamInformation and Knowledge Transfer in the rural community of Macha, Zambia27144217
JanssonLocal democratic values and e-government: barrier or promoter? A case study of a multicultural Swedish municipality27935590
GursteinTowards the Internet as a Global Public Good22481452
Issue Totals4197365048

Vol 8, No 3 (2012)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Hosman, FifeThe Potential And Limits Of Mobile Phone Usage For Development In Africa: Innovation And Top-Down-Meets-Bottom-Up Partnering686831279
Adria, BrownAmbiguity and Uncertainty in the “Last Mile”: Using Sense-making to Explore How Rural Broadband Networks Are Created52806837
TolandFrom Rural Women’s Groups to the World:30044240
SadowayFrom Associations To Info-Sociations: Civic Associations And ICT In Two Asian Cities432914654
JonesExploring several dimensions of local, global and glocal using the generic conceptual framework Hodges's model54296184
Wallin, HorelliPlaying With The Glocal Through Participatory e-Planning34826335
HalderBook Review - Development Communication: Reframing the Role of Media35374623
De Cindio, SchulerBeyond Community Networks: From Local to Global, from Participation to Deliberation436210677
Horelli, SchulerLinking the Local with the Global within Community Informatics44432800
GursteinGlocality: Thinking about Community Informatics and the Local in the Global and the Global in the Local.24593319
Issue Totals4319390948

Vol 8, No 2 (2012)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BothOpen Data - what the citizens really want55185360
RathData Template For District Economic Planning57108517
Bates“This is what modern deregulation looks like” : co-optation and contestation in the shaping of the UK’s Open Government Data Initiative995926602
DemeyerApps For Amsterdam44544684
McGinnes, ElandyUnintended Behavioural Consequences of Publishing Performance Data: Is More Always Better?625620447
RamanThe Rhetoric of Transparency and its Reality: Transparent Territories, Opaque Power and Empowerment617919894
RamanCollecting data in Chennai City and the limits of openness42687013
SrinivasanMapping the Tso Kar basin in Ladakh35534090
De CindioGuidelines for Designing Deliberative Digital Habitats: Learning from e-Participation for Open Data Initiatives538037676
ColeSome Observations on the Practice of “Open Data” As Opposed to Its Promise607011253
GursteinTwo Worlds of Open Government Data: Getting the Lowdown on Public Toilets in Chennai and Other Matters35004104
Davies, BawaThe Promises and Perils of Open Government Data (OGD)718112860
ThurstonTrustworthy Records and Open Data44985678
JanssenOpen Government Data and the Right to Information: Opportunities and Obstacles665816379
HandlykkenExploring the politics of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) in the context of contemporary South Africa; how are open policies implemented in practice?38763212
Issue Totals83060187769

Vol 8, No 1 (2012)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BurmeisterWhat Seniors Value About Online Community43609568
Burmeister, Foskey, Hazzlewood, LewisSustaining Online Communities Involving Seniors36647494
Milliken, ODonnell, Gibson, DanielsOlder Adults and Video Communications: A Case Study34619594
SpradleyRecareering Happily Ever After: An Analysis Of Job Transition Storytelling In AARP Message Boards31425139
BunzRevisited: Communication Media Use in the Grandparent/Grandchild Relationship37475567
NimrodOnline Communities As A Resource In Older Adults’ Tourism409711081
Chang, Heh, LinTele-Physical Examination and Tele-Care Systems for Elderly People36904777
Sperazza, Ph.D., CPRP, Dauenhauer, Ph.D., MSW, Banerjee, Ph.D.Tomorrow’s Seniors: Technology And Leisure Programming37976174
Keogh, Power, Wooler, Lucas, WhatmanCan The Nintendo Wii(tm) Sports Game System Be Effectively Utilized In The Nursing Home Environment: A Feasibility Study?43397149
Leikas, Saariluoma, Rousi, Kuisma, VilpponenLife-Based Design Against Loneliness Among Older People40847005
LintonRoadblocks and Resolutions in the Technological Journey411712007
Neves, AmaroToo Old For Technology? How The Elderly Of Lisbon Use And Perceive ICT814751975
Chen, Wen, Xie"I communicate with my children in the game": Mediated Intergenerational Family Relationships through a Social Networking Game46766161
Gardner, Kamber, Netherland“Getting Turned On”: Using ICT Training To Promote Active Ageing In New York City52484120
Feist, Parker, HugoOlder and Online: Enhancing social connections in Australian rural places33153411
Samuelson, CieslaThe Getting Illinois Low Income Seniors and People with Disabilities Online Demonstration BTOP SBA project: A Case Study23982456
van Stam, MweetwaCommunity Radio Provides Elderly a Platform to Have Their Voices Heard in rural Macha, Zambia26765532
NgServing Seniors with Simple Technology – From Indoor to Outdoor Emergency Support and Care33062621
Gallagher, Murphy, FennellAgeing, Vision Impairment and Digital Inclusion in Ireland33695448
BeitzelHow Not to Forget Your Next Appointment: Use Technology to Combat the Effects of Aging27301885
Rich, Howe, Larson, ChuangEmpowering Chronically Ill Patients and Caregivers using Remote Monitoring Technology26152824
LindemanMounting Evidence of the Benefits of Telehealth: U.K. Study Shows 45% Reduction in Mortality Rates1541
Kok, Williams, YanSeniors Skyping: A Professional, Academic, and Community Collaboration24952460
Coppola, Wexler, Drury, Heyman, Thomas, Tschinkel, BarnesA Case Study: Growing Community Partnerships with a Service-Learning Intergenerational Computing Course33804380
LoebOverview: Technology and Aging Issue27703829
BuddeBroadband Project For The Aging In Victoria27151822
GursteinCommunity Informatics and Older Persons: The Necessary Connection29602200
Issue Totals96839186679

Vol 7, No 3 (2011)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Ridolfo, Hart-Davidson, McLeodRhetoric and the Digital Humanities: Imagining The Michigan State University Israelite Samaritan Collection as the Foundation for a Thriving Social Network45504582
Saeed, Rohde, WulfConducting ICT Research in Community Networks: Reflections from a Long Term Study of the European Social Forum31113367
Carroll, Horning, Hoffman, Ganoe, Robinson, RossonVisions, Participation and Engagement in New Community Information Infrastructures37496723
O'Reilly-RoweDigiPopEd: Popular Education and Digital Culture33335019
Bilandzic, VenableTowards Participatory Action Design Research: Adapting Action Research and Design Science Research Methods for Urban Informatics652821579
Craig, WilliamsResearch informing practice: Toward effective engagement in community ICT in New Zealand33676114
Light, Egglestone, Wakeford, RogersParticipant-Making: bridging the gulf between community knowledge and academic research36716273
DayCommunity-based learning: A model for higher education and community partnerships604612658
Allen, FothIntroduction to the Special Issue: Research in Action for Community Informatics: A Matter for Conversation39745736
GursteinEvolving Relationships: Universities, Researchers and Communities34421975
UdenNetworking for Communications Challenged Communities: Report from a European project targeting conditions of poor or lacking ICT coverage48756873
Issue Totals4664680899

Vol 7, No 1-2 (2011)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
PassarelliThe School of the Future / USP: Twenty Years of Vanguard in Social Networks32812423
Sampaio, Maia, MarquesParticipation and Deliberation on the Internet: A Case Study of Digital Participatory Budgeting in Belo Horizonte45657391
Machado, Prado, Silva, Lira, TadashiThe Rede Brasil De Bibliotecas Comunitárias: A Space For Sharing Information And Building New Knowledge48046302
AkhrasSituating Learning for Digital Inclusion in the Social Context of Communities47382048
Alvear, ThiollentParticipatory Development of Technologies as a Way to Increase Community Participation: the Cidade de Deus Web Portal Case40502261
Tygel, de AlvearThe Development of an Information System for the Solidarity Economy Movement32684243
Prado, Câmara, FigueiredoEvaluating ICT Adoption in Rural Brazil: A Quantitative Analysis of Telecenters as Agents of Social Change62556995
Rodrigues, ValenteMastering Of Hypermedia Resources By Virtual Learning Communities: Possibilities And Constraints For Interaction, Communication And Construction Of Network Knowledge.34997635
Maia, ValenteGarden of Literacies: ICDT Contributing to the Construction of New Realities for Digitally-Excluded Senior Citizens34104137
LenstraMídia Cidadã: Utopia Brasileira. São Bernardo do Campo: Melo, J.M. de, Gobbi, M.C. & Sathler, L. (Eds.) (2006).26721350
TakazawaRoot Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America and What We Can Do About It: Fullilove, Mindy Thompson. (2004)27962060
WilliamsWelcome to JOCI reviews25021229
Olinto, FragosoSpecial Double Issue: The Internet and Community Informatics in Brazil31002227
Olinto, FragosoInternet use in Brazil: speeding up or lagging behind?38152548
GursteinEditorial: Community Informatics in Brazil29091776
Issue Totals5566454625

Vol 6, No 3 (2010)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Gomez, Baron-PorrasPublic Access to the Internet and Social Change: An experience in Colombia, between silence and hope52456736
PradoLighting up the Dark: Telecenter Adoption in a Caribbean Agricultural Community34106060
SarricaICTs Meanings and Practices: Contributions from the Social Representation Approach34077183
de MoorUsing Collaboration Patterns for Contextualizing Roles in Community Systems Design30554027
Pietrucci“Poetic” publics: Agency and rhetorics of “netroots” activism in post-earthquake L’Aquila42355584
ArnoldOpen educational resources or closed learning management systems? –The Challenge of Designing ICT Support for Learning Communities in Higher Education38524179
Denison, Johansone-Research Infrastructure and Community Research29752757
Gomez, StillmanEditorial: Special Issue Prato Conference21642140
MagassaApplying a Community Informatics Approach as Part of Rehabilitation in US Prisons32243620
ElliottEquity, pedagogy and inclusion. Harnessing digital technologies to support higher education access and success32075130
GursteinThe Ethical Responsibility of Researchers in Community Informatics22081988
StillmanParticipation in Broadband Society Vols. 1 & 222092253
Farinosi, TreréInside the "People of the Wheelbarrows": participation between online and offline dimension in the post-quake social movement424912429
Arden, McLachlan, CooperFlying blind, or going with the flow?: Using constructivist evaluation to manage the unexpected in the GraniteNet project38705713
Issue Totals4731069799

Vol 6, No 2 (2010)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Avery Gomez, PasseriniInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) Options for Local and Global Communities in Health-Related Crisis Management591310869
Johansson Hedberg, Telecentre For Community Development: Evaluation of the Tunjang telecentre, Malaysia74887406
Molnár, CsótóIS Mentors and Peculiarities in the Development of the Hungarian Information Society30133761
SchackmanCommons or gated community? A theoretical explication of virtual community and the example of Craigslist56718360
Eley, HossainCouncil Community Directories as a Source of Information about Local Health Services in Rural Australia32523673
Goswami, Ghosh Ray, GhoseTelesupport Experiment for Agricultural Information Management in West Bengal, India39246472
Saad-Sulonen, HorelliThe value of Community Informatics to participatory urban planning and design: a case-study in Helsinki540911540
Stillman, Arnold, Gibbs, ShepherdICT, rural dilution and the new rurality: a case study of 'WheatCliffs'47636472
Newman, Biedrzycki, BaumDigital Technology Access and Use among Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Groups in South Australia686619286
GarudacharE-Agro Initiative of Ekutir and Grameen-Intel JV Social Business34403597
GursteinInvestment 58-Poverty 14: TheUN'sBroadband Commission for Digital Development vs. the MDGs25732065
Sayed, Singh, Saad-Sulonen, DiazCo-construction as complex adaptive system36667053
Issue Totals5597890554

Vol 5, No 3-4 (2009)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
PangCultivating the Women on Farms Gathering Community: A Digital Approach35645079
Karan, MathurWomen Forge Ahead in India: Internet and the Public Forum633210744
RabayahEconomic and Social Empowerment of Women Through ICT: A Case Study of Palestine509119045
McQuillanTechnicians, Tacticians and Tattlers: Women as Innovators and Change Agents in Community Technology Projects37839055
DhakalThe Digital Divide and Gender: A Survey of Environmental Community Organizations in Perth, Western Australia36255924
Flynn-Dapaah, RashidGender digital equality in ICT interventions in health: Evidence from IDRC supported projects in developing countries357913553
SalasInternet, power and politics: gender & ICTs in the movement against CAFTA31153259
SarkarWomen at Work and Home: New Technologies and Labor among Minority Women in Seelampur38015903
Raji, MGender Experiences in IT@School, an ICT enabled education project of Kerala, India27714148
SaxenaRural e-governance: Exploring the gender gaps and its impact on women(A case study of e-gram suraj scheme of Chhattisgarh State of India)38653886
Walker, VajjhalaGender and GIS: Mapping the Links between Spatial Exclusion, Transport Access, and the Millennium Development Goals in Lesotho, Ethiopia, and Ghana52104913
Ghosh, Engendering ICTs: Scope for Empowering women, with special reference to India29554114
Alam, Yusuf, CoghillVillage Phone Program, Commodification Of Mobile Phone Set And Empowerment Of Women39706476
OregliaCreating Community, Rejecting Community: Migrant Women in Beijing363911886
Sterling, Huyer89.1 FM: The Place for Development: Power shifts and participatory spaces in ICTD41118201
GursteinEditorial: Community Informatics and Gender22992337
GurumurthyGender in Community Informatics : Guest Editorial for the special issue on Gender and Community Informatics25013802
Issue Totals64211122325

Vol 5, No 2 (2009)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Lavoie, WilliamsManaging Changes in First Nations’ Health Care Needs: Is Telehealth the Answer?42256251
Gurstein, Beaton, SherlockA Community Informatics Model for e-Services in First Nations Communities: The K-Net Approach to Water Treatment in Northern Ontario43204979
Gideon, Nicholas, Rowlandson, WoolnerEnabling and Accelerating First Nations Telehealth Development in Canada35213854
McKelvey, O'DonnellOut from the Edges: Multi-site Videoconferencing as a Public Sphere in First Nations36466115
Mignone, HenleyImplementation of Information and Communication Technology in Aboriginal Communities: A Social Capital Perspective457114411
GursteinK-Net, Community Informatics and Service Delivery: An Evolving Paradigm28783412
Milliken, O'Donnell, GormanHow K-Net and Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk are Using Videoconferencing for Community Development34718893
TomkinsonIn Search of Community Champions: Researching the Outcomes of K-Net’s Youth Information and Communications Technology Training Initiative30723797
PerleyRepresentation and Participation of First Nations Women in Online Videos36195451
Budka, Bell, How Northern Ontario's First Nation Communities Made Themselves At Home On The World Wide Web931326884
BeatonON-LINE RESOURCES about Keewaytinook Okimakanak, the Kuhkenah Network (K-Net) and Associated Broadband Applications40305970
Beaton, O'Donnell, Fiser, WalmarkThe K-Net Experience: Thematic Introduction to the Special Issue1816
Beaton, O'Donnell, Fiser, WalmarkThe K-Net Experience: Thematic Introduction to the Special Issue31606505
Issue Totals5164296522

Vol 5, No 1 (2009)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Bishop, BruceCommunity Inquiry and Collaborative Practice: The iLabs of Paseo Boricua43295754
RaoRole of ICTs in Indian Rural Communities3489854153
MateiThe Effect of Formal and Informal Social Capital on Diffusion of Wireless Encryption Practices: A longitudinal case study34106739
BarlowAssessing the geodemographics of the People's Network in public libraries in Shropshire.38125070
EvohThe role of Social Entrepreneurs in Deploying ICTs for Youth and Community Development in South Africa570325935
ThakurICTs and Community Participation: An Indicative Framework39915870
de MoorMoving Community Informatics Research Forward34764015
McCarthyCommunities, Technologies and Participation: Notes from C&T 200934836425
GursteinEditorial: Building the Broadband Economy from the Bottom Up: A Community Informatics Approach to BB and Economic Development23973468
Issue Totals65499117429

Vol 4, No 3 (2008)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
SohneCommunity Revenue Collection System368311120
As-Saber, HossainCall Centres and their Role in E-governance: A Developing Country Perspective530025490
RamirezA 'meditation' on meaningful participation47736172
AlbertDefining the Networked Community Movement39404427
Jarvis-Selinger, Ho, Novak Lauscher, BellTl’azt’en Learning Circle: Information Technology, Health and Cultural Preservation42106040
Fujii, Ohta, Ueda, Sugita, MaruNew Concept Regarding Management of Security Cameras40044876
Williams, DurranceSocial Networks and Social Capital: Rethinking Theory in Community Informatics16301163263
GursteinCommunity Informatics: What's in a Name29224145
Issue Totals45133225533

Vol 4, No 2 (2008)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
LongfordCommunity Networking and Civic Participation: Surveying the Canadian Research Landscape41448887
Rixon, BurnVisualisation Techniques For Facilitating Stakeholder Decision Making In Urban Planning40966578
VerzolaUsing Text/SMS for an Online Database of Election Returns30164439
Verma, Sinvhal, Nangia, Sharma, Kumar, PantCitizen-centric E-Governance Project in Uttaranchal, India37745960
de Jager, van ReijswoudE-Governance in the Developing World in Action475616209
NavarreteUtilization of Electronic Government Services in Mexico: A Matter of Trust33433404
RamanExamining the 'e' in government and governance: A case study in alternatives from Bangalore City, India431912861
Kettani, Gurstein, ElmahdieFez Local Good Governance Outcomes in a Developing World Context36215291
GursteinE-Governance and Community Informatics: Developed and Less Developed Country Experiences36892882
Issue Totals3475866511

Vol 4, No 1 (2008)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BhagatLife after Connectivity: the Impact of the Community Mesh Network in Mahavilachchiya, Sri Lanka’s E-village35096537
AdriaTime, space and the wireless community network41077151
Samanta, Knowles, Burke, Wagmister, EstrinMetropolitan Wi-Fi Research Network at the Los Angeles State Historic Park42587898
ChoTowards Place-peer community and civic bandwidth: a case study in community wireless networking415216449
Tapia, OrtizKeeping Promises: Municipal communities struggle to fulfill promises to narrow the digital divide with Municipal Community Wireless Networks45598342
ForlanoAnytime? Anywhere?: Reframing Debates Around Community and Municipal Wireless Networking1606121458
Dara, Dimanche, Ó SiochrúThe i-REACH Project in Cambodia43285292
Clement, PotterSaving Toronto Hydro Telecom's One Zone project from itself: alternative models for urban public wireless infrastructure38974437
Powell, MeinrathIntroduction to the Special Issue: Wireless Networking for Communities, Citizens and the Public Interest24124109
PietrosemoliSetting Long Distance WiFi Records: Proofing Solutions for Rural Connectivity481826776
VillanuevaSteve Cisler: an appreciation16911737
GursteinIs There A Wireless Community Informatics?28194794
Issue Totals56611114980

Vol 3, No 4 (2007)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
WongCommunity Wireless: Policy and Regulation Perspectives404610251
Ashraf, Swatman, HanischSome perspectives on understanding the adoption and implementation of ICT interventions in developing countries504010735
BodnarThe Vancouver Community Network, Social Investing and Public Good Models of ICT development36264934
Arnold, Shepherd, GibbsTrouble at Kookaburra Hollow: how media mediate371613056
Bruce, Hagens, EllisTechnology Mediated Learning: Building Capacity in Rural Communities644811395
AdeyinkaStakeholders' Perceptions of the Impact of the Global System for Mobile Communications on Nigeria Rural Economy: Implications for an Emerging Communications Industry690725254
GagnonInnovations in Microfinance technologies34043139
GursteinSome Thoughts on ICT in a Developing World Context37973615
Issue Totals3698482379

Vol 3, No 3 (2007)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BossioSostenibilidad de proyectos de desarrollo con nuevas tecnologías: el caso de la organización de regantes y su sistema de información en Huaral570429117
Gonzalez, Castro-QuiroaManteniendo lazos vía Web: El Caso de las Comunidades Mexicanas de Emigrantes en los EUA48807623
Porras, Salinas, Ramos, HuertaLa piedra angular: sujetos y contextos locales en la implementación de las políticas de inclusión digital-43778595
Medellin Urquiaga, Huerta VelázquezLa Promoción de las TIC para el Desarrollo en Pueblos Indígenas: Extensión o Comunicación480220462
MaesoPrograma de Intercambio entre operadores de telecentros. Una nueva generación de redes en el movimiento de telecentros panamericano.38024753
Vallejo MontoyaTelecentros comunitarios: un espacio para la participación y formación ciudadana. La experiencia de Manizales, Colombia37966937
TuyEl rol de los telecentros comunitarios en las comunidades indígenas de Sololà, Guatemala35974783
Finquelievich, FinquelievichSistemas comunitarios de satisfacción a necesidades de conectividad en la sociedad de la información: el caso de Argentina393410712
CaceresEl rol de las TIC en la educacion: Experencia del programa escolar de monitoreo ambiemental de la subcuenca del Cotahuasi, Perú394911375
Mori, AssumpçãoBrazilian Digital Inclusion Public Policy: achievements and challenges54735024
DavidziukApropiación de las tecnologías móviles desde un espejo lejano: infiltración barroca, creolización y canibalismo41145263
VillanuevaPolíticas y clivajes: algunas ideas a propósito de una revisión de políticas38443322
GursteinEditorial: Community Informatics with a Latin American Accent41982927
Villanueva, RoessnerIntroducción: TIC y América Latina: una revision desde las bases hasta la torre de marfil45596338
Issue Totals61029127231

Vol 3, No 2 (2007)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
KwapongFactors Influencing Information Delivery Technology Choice in Deprived Regions in Ghana43805291
AcevedoNetwork Capital: an expression of social capital in the Network Society633418747
EubanksTrapped in the Digital Divide: The Distributive Paradigm in Community Informatics572917017
Furuholt, KristiansenInternet Cafés in Asia and Africa – Venues for Education and Learning?461510248
Denison, JohansonSurveys of the use of information and communications technologies by community-based organisations45686525
AdomiOvernight Internet Browsing Among Cyber Café users in Abraka, Nigeria49866781
ArnoldThe concept of community and the character of networks481614451
GrahamA Comment Prompted by Andy Williamson's “A Review of New Zealand's Digital Strategy”51444327
GursteinQ: Where is the Wealth of Nations? A: In Communities.41872725
Issue Totals4475986112

Vol 3, No 1 (2007)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Bieber, McFall, Rice, GursteinTowards Systems Design for Supporting Enabling Communities57059659
Bourgeois, HoranA Design Theory Approach to Community Informatics: Community-Centered Development and Action Research Testing of Online Social Networking Prototype65538534
Lee, Ganoe, Schafer, Merkel, Carroll, RossonMaking Use of Scenarios for Achieving Effective Use in Community Computing Contexts47435264
De Cindio, Ripamonti, PeraboniCommunity Networks as lead users in online public services design.52589482
de MoorUsing System Dynamics to Construct Design Theory for Community Information Systems4639310177
Nnadi, GursteinTowards Supporting Community Information Seeking and Use49545161
Rideout, Reddick, O'Donnell, McIver, Jr., Kitchen, MillikenCommunity Organizations in the Information Age: A study of community intermediaries in Canada52605404
de Moor, De CindioBeyond Users to Communities – Designing Systems As Though Communities Matter - An Introduction to the Special Issue46685371
Averweg, O'DonnellCode of Ethics for Community Informatics Researchers68995730
GursteinCommunity Informatics and Systems Design49423728
Issue Totals9537568510

Vol 2, No 3 (2006)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Amariles, Paz, Russell, JohnsonThe Impacts of Community Telecenters in Rural Colombia74309057
WestTechnology Related Dangers: The Issue of Development and Security for Marginalized Groups in South Africa43766219
ChigonaShould communal computing facilities cohabit with public facilities?50204780
Lengyel, Eranusz, Füleki, Lőrincz, SiklósThe Cserénfa experiment.58477068
Parkinson, RamirezUsing a Sustainable Livelihoods Approach to Assessing the Impact of ICTs in Development1133211281
MayanjaRethinking telecentre sustainability approaches134756521
Kumar, BestSocial Impact and Diffusion of Telecenter Use: A Study from the Sustainable Access in Rural India Project300836651
Gurstein, PellYouth Interns and The Strategic Deployment of ICTs for Public Access56325246
NcheyeMy Experience with the Sengerema Community Multimedia Centre (CMC)49182725
GursteinLearning from the LDC's52844116
Issue Totals9339763664

Vol 2, No 2 (2006)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
BuréDigital Inclusion without Social Inclusion: The Consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Homeless Subculture in Central Scotland67028625
Sévigny, PrévostThe Learning Community as a Local Development Strategy38043851
de Moor, WeigandEffective Communication in Virtual Adversarial Collaborative Communities45804706
LochnerA Cost Maturity Model for Community Informatics Projects in the Developing World48215343
AverwegTowards a Code Of Cyberethics44265253
Foth, AdkinsA Research Design to Build Effective Partnerships between City Planners, Developers, Government and Urban Neighbourhood Communities65416374
Carroll, BishopSpecial Section on Learning in Communities: Introduction40443660
Fischer, Rohde, WulfSpiders in the Net: Universities as Facilitators of Community-based Learning38043266
FischerLearning in Communities: A Distributed Intelligence Perspective34504864
Kavanaugh, IsenhourDesigning Technology for Local Citizen Deliberation35653949
Kvasny, Kranich, SchementCommunities, Learning and Democracy in the Digital Age41955279
KvasnySocial Reproduction and its Applicability for Community Informatics359811773
Pipek, Rosson, Stevens, WulfSupporting the Appropriation of ICT: End-User Development in Civil Societies37294212
Venkatesh, OwensRadical Praxis and Civic Network Design35144667
Carroll, RossonThe Participant-Observer in Community-based Learning as Community Bard34063266
GursteinEnabling the Local as a Fundamental Development Strategy39894434
Bishop, Bruce, JonesCommunity Inquiry and Informatics: Collaborative Learning Through ICT39884552
Carroll, BishopSpecial Section on Learning in Communities: Complete415911308
Rosson, CarrollDevelopmental Learning Communities35785507
Issue Totals79893104889

Vol 2, No 1 (2006)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Williams, Wallace, PhD, SligoFree internet as agent of community transformation41194211
Proulx, Latzko-TothMapping the Virtual in Social Sciences: On the Category of "Virtual Community"62145706
Cordell, RomanowCommunity Networking and Public Benefits39613794
WilliamsonA Review of New Zealand’s Digital Strategy43913977
GranqvistLooking Critically at ICT4Dev: The Case of Lincos41423670
LeaningThe modal nature of ICT: challenging the historical interpretation of the social understanding and appropriation of ICT.47604466
Fujii, Yoshiura, OhtaCommunity Security By Widely Available Information Technology54693602
CislerA short movie about ICT80965136
GursteinCommunity Informatics and the World Summit on the Information Society46363121
Issue Totals4578837683

Vol 1, No 3 (2005)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
StoeckerIs Community Informatics Good for Communities? Questions Confronting an Emerging Field60866193
WalmarkKiHS: Bridging the Traditional and Virtual Classroom in Canada’s First Nation Schools41963197
Malina, BallICTs and Community and Suggestions for Further Research in Scotland53474196
Stillman, StoeckerStructuration, ICTs, and Community Work40143813
HaseloffCybercafés and their potential as Community Development Tools in India50985170
Finquelievich, KisilevskyCommunity Democratization of Telecommunications Community Cooperatives in Argentina: The Case Of TELPIN47785691
GrahamCommunity Networking as Radical Practice44293344
Hagar, HaythornthwaiteCrisis, Farming & Community52226661
O'Donnell, Walmark, KennyReport From the Field: The RICTA Meeting Video32822372
KakepetumPosition Paper: Turning the Corner with First Nations Telehealth33623415
GursteinEditorial: Putting Our Work in Context41612729
Issue Totals4997546781

Vol 1, No 2 (2005)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
MusgraveCommunity Portals: A False Dawn over the Field of Dreams?44743917
Hearn, Kimber, Lennie, SimpsonA Way Forward: Sustainable ICTs And Regional Sustainability68904709
Rideout, ReddickSustaining Community Access to Technology: Who Should Pay and Why.44143844
TannerEmotion, Gender and the Sustainability of Communities43374531
ThompsonA Role for Universities in Sustaining Regional ICT Initiatives? Exploring the Case of the University of Ballarat40523617
SimpsonCommunity Informatics and Sustainability: Why Social Capital Matters84928402
Merkel, Clitherow, Farooq, Xiao, Ganoe, Carroll, RossonSustaining Computer Use and Learning in Community Computing Contexts: Making Technology Part of “Who They are and What They Do”73243874
DaySustainable Community Technology: The symbiosis between community technology and community research45092865
Ripamonti, De Cindio, BenassiOnline communities sustainability: some economic issues42633365
GursteinTsunami Warning Systems and the Last Mile37044539
GursteinEditorial: Sustainability of Community ICTs and its Future44243193
Van Belle, TruslerAn Interpretivist Case Study of a South African Rural Multi-Purpose Community Centre58346452
StollHow Wi-Fi came to El Chaco40123394
MeinrathCommunity Wireless Networking and Open Spectrum Usage: a Research Agenda to Support Progressive Policy Reform of the Public Airwaves38264101
KakepetumOpen letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin: Broadband connectivity in aboriginal communities35112545
GursteinA Note on these "Notes from the Field"41992823
Schauder, Johanson, StillmanSustaining and transforming a community network: The information continuum model and the case of VICNET44775727
GursteinDirk Koning, 1957-200519731458
Issue Totals8471573356

Vol 1, No 1 (2004)

AuthorTitleAbstract ViewsArticle Views
Pigg, CrankBuilding Community Social Capital: The Potential and Promise of Information and Communications Technologies602213865
BeatonThe K-Net Story: Community ICT Development Work51913254
Webb, JonesWomen Connect: Phase 2 Report48234051
StafeevRole of Community Informatics in Socio-Cultural Transformations in Russia and the CIS47463530
Erwin, TaylorSocial Appropriation of Internet Technology: a South African platform41403460
Jhunjhunwala, Ramachandran, Bandyopadhyayn-Logue: The Story of a Rural Service Provider In India48017753
Menou, Poepsel, StollLatin American Community Telecenters: " It's a long way to TICperary "37475296
GursteinEditorial: Welcome to the Journal of Community Informatics57924082
RobinsonTowards a Neo-Apartheid System of Governance in Latin America - Implications for the Community Informatics Guild46712326
Salvador, SherryLocal Learnings: An Essay on Designing to Facilitate Effective Use of ICT s42193316
Clement, Gurstein, Longford, Luke, Moll, Shade, DeChiefThe Canadian Research Alliance for Community Innovation and Networking (CRACIN): A Research Partnership and Agenda for Community Networking in Canada46495358
Issue Totals5280156291